Why We’re Different

renuval was set up to be different from agencies. We put you back in control of your choices and money, giving you the power to choose your hospital, doctor, and how and when you come. Every day we offer people like you the best support and care we can while offering you a helping hand as you make your own choices. It’s about living our founding principle every day: “What would you do if it were a member of your family?”

Your Surgery Organised The Way You Want It

We have always strived to do what’s best by our customers, we look at the way things are done by the agents in our market and see exactly how we don't want to be. We will answer any and all of your questions as soon as we can. We never book group trips, each client has individual needs and requests and need to be responded with that level of individualism. And finally - most importantly - We have never, and will never charge for deposits or booking fees or any hidden costs. In fact, renuval never sees your money, you pay the hospitals direct, that way you know we are solely working in your interests and you are getting the best rates in the market.

Whether you’re coming to Thailand for cosmetic surgery or for life-saving cancer treatment you can feel safe with renuval, knowing that our years of expertise is being dedicated especially to you.

renuval - work with someone who cares about your health as much as you do…


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