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"I Want It From The Hospital."

Published: September 5, 2017

In the first episode of renuval reNooner, we take 5 minutes to discuss the topic of Thai plastic surgeon groups and how they're shifting the way the fly-in plastic surgery industry works.

Traditionally, patients booked through an agent, or with a hospital, the surgeon worked at the hospital and everything was very visible and official. You could contact the hospital, find their prices, get documents with their letterhead - and, most importantly, pricing was stable for a single doctor at a single hospital.

That's still true in many cases, but it's changed a bit with clinics and it's changing even more now with the introduction of the surgeon's groups. They don't have a clinic, they don't even have an office that you go to, they essentially rent the hospital's facilities as needed for your consult, operation, recovery and stay.

We've seen more and more examples over the last year or so, but it's now hitting bigtime as one group, which is essentially founded by Dr. Boonchai, has grown to several plastic surgeons who are well known to fly-in clients in places like Australia.

Thing is, because they don't even have a single official group web site and no one explains much of this, the clients are all kinds of confused when there's any question at all. The doctor sends them one price at Phyathai2 Hospital (a renuval partner), the hospital has prices posted elsewhere that are totally different and the same doctor works at another hospital where he or she has a totally different pricing structure governed by the hospital itself.

There's so much marketing BS in markets like the Australian Boobie Holiday Agency world that clients already mistrust things coming in - then they start getting conflicting information about their surgeon of choice and the only place they can verify it is on another agent's site or booking site, which they do not and will not trust.

In this situation, how do we convince our client, who is acting in good faith just like us, that we're not lying to them? They want hospital documents, but the hospital doesn't have any documents because it's not their case. The next best thing would be official documents from the group and an official group website, but the surgeon's groups, so far, have contracted with a couple of agencies to handle their connections to the broader world of agents, meaning that there's no official group site for these groups and no official group forms. There's nothing there that a person like you can find to give you confidence that, yes, Dr. Worapong is aware of your case, has certified your booking and his group can be seen and has issued these official documents.

No one's doing anything wrong, not the surgeons, not the client and not us, but the confusion exists because, well, it's pretty confusing once you start to poke around and look into the many different ways you can book a single surgeon at multiple places with different prices and amenities offered and so on.

With that, take a listen and see the exciting conclusion we come to with only 5 minutes to discuss the topic :)

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