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What's The Job Like?

Published: September 12, 2017

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At renuval, we assist clients coming for medical care from across the world, which includes quite a number of clients from the Middle East and the greater Arabic speaking diaspora. Just as we have brought on cultural-language specific Client Service Teams for Japanese and Khmer client assistance, we've done the same for our Arabic language clients, which is what we're interviewing Sara about today. What does she do? What's the job? What kinds of issues does she assist clients with? If you need assistance with medical care in Thailand, get in touch with us now -

We're all human, but for a lot of reasons, different parts of the world have different medical needs - sometimes based on care that's not available in a specific area and sometimes based on everything from diet to genetics. For example, in Japan various forms of stomach cancer are incredibly prevalent, while in places like the US, colon cancer is more common and stomach cancer less so.

In the Middle East, our clients come for health checks and consultations, of course, but we also see a much higher prevalence of spinal surgeries, diabetes-related treatments and more. In some situations, clients are referred to come to Thailand for medical care because particular advanced procedures aren't available in their home country, while in other situations they come because they feel the care here may be better.

We're here to serve, especially when someone is in serious need, and Sara and our Arabic Client Service Team represent the front line in ensuring everyone is treated with dignity, given fast service, clear information and that we do our best to match them with the best medical option for their case.

What does that mean? Well, listen to Sara and find out :)

If fast, friendly, informed and caring service is what you need - and if free service, personal support and the ability to book direct with 30 partners like Bangkok Hospital, Phyathai 1 Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital and more is what you want, get in touch with us and Book Direct with renuval -

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