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Breast, Body, Face & More At Once?

Published: September 14, 2017

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Coming to Bangkok or Phuket for multiple complex plastic surgery procedures at Vejthani? Bangkok Hospital Chinatown? Anywhere? How does that affect your cost and schedule? Can you get it all done in one go? Find out in today's reNooner podcast - and if you want serious people assisting with your serious medical care, let our FREE service help you Book Direct, which means you pay us nothing, ever, and get our personal assistance and free lifetime support before, during and after your trip -

Multiple plastic surgery procedures at once should be taken seriously, especially if you're talking about extensive surgeries or surgeries cover front and back or upper and lower body, where the recovery from one may make the other surgery's recovery riskier.

What happens to your schedule? The cost - does it include multiple sessions? Will you even have to have multiple surgery sessions? That depends on your case and the surgeon's answer, but we asisst with plastic surgery cases everywhere - from arm lifts and tummy tucks at Phyathai 2 to extended abdominoplasties and revision breast augmentations at Vejthani to butt lifts and fat transfer at PPSI to very large 800cc to 1000cc breast augmentations at Bangkok Hospital Chinatown and much more.

If you're serious about your medical care and want serious help from serious people, Book Direct with renuval, cut out the made-up fees or deposits and get lifetime support before, during and after your trip. Get in touch now -

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