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A Breast Augmentation In Phuket

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What's It Like For renuval Clients?

Published: September 20, 2017

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We break our no-palm-tree rule for today's reNooner, where we interview Debra about her experience in Phuket, where she had a breast augmentation with Dr. Poonsak at PPSI. She had a great experience, saved money by booking direct through renuval and talks about him and her renuval experience on in this snippet. If you want to book direct, get lifetime support and have a smooth experience - info@renuval.com.

We just play a bit of the interview, we'll publish it in full later, but Debra talks about how she got started, why she chose Dr. Poonsak in Phuket, what she thought of him and what she thought of working with renuval. It's very in-depth for a snippet.

If you're thinking about breast implants at PPSI or a breast augmentation in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya, Debra set a great example. She asked very good questions, kept track of details, got us and Dr. Poonsak everything we needed to do the job on our end (and his end) and she kept her money in her pocket instead of paying extra fees or deposits for something renuval does for free.

In fact, Debra chose to Book Direct with renuval after evaluating several other options for surgery at PPSI in Phuket precisely because she wanted to make sure she was watching costs. She talks about it in the interview segment. Smart move - don't pay someone else to do something we'll do for free (and better!).

If you're serious about your medical care and want serious help from serious people, Book Direct with renuval, cut out the made-up fees or deposits and get lifetime support before, during and after your trip. Get in touch now - info@renuval.com.

Though, if you'd like to get started right now, you can fill in the form below and one of our team will contact you as quickly as possible:

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Thanks for listening and make the good one!