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Here's How To Plan & Avoid Problems

Published: October 23, 2017

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Planning a dental implant in Thailand? What could throw a wrench in those plans? Change the schedule? The cost? Make it impossible on this visit? More importantly, what can *you* and renuval do to avoid those problems? Listen for inside tips - then Book Direct & Save with Free Lifetime Support from renuval -

Dental Implants, done properly by top implantologists at places like BIDC, Phuket Dental Signature, Vejthani International Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Phuket and our other preferred dental partners, are a long-lasting, reliable replacement for cracked, broken or just-plain-missing teeth. Thing is, getting dental implants, while safe and reliable, isn't a one size fits all proposition.

There are many factors that can affect cost, schedule and candidacy and you want to make sure you've done as much research as possible and gotten as much information as possible (something we help you with for free!) before you get on a plane and begin your journey to a healthy new mouth - because you certainly don't want to land, meet the dentist and find out that, oops, you're looking at 3 visits over 9 months before you've got your new teeth!

What are some things to watch out for? The podcast covers them, you can listen to that above, but here are a couple of things you should be aware of...

Is Your Jaw Healthy Enough?

If you're young and you've had an accident and need teeth replaced, you've probably got excellent bone structure. You should still get a full mouth x-ray (below the gumline!) before coming, but it might even be possible for you to do your implant and crown all in one trip!

On the other hand, if you've had decaying teeth for years then you usually have lost bone density over time due to various factors like not chewing on the side with the broken tooth and so on. In cases like this, you may even need a done graft done first, which can mean an extra procedure and several months before the implant can even be inserted.

Fortunately, with a full mouth x-ray (below the gumline - showing the state of the jaw bone!) our dental partners can all offer a pretty solid opinion on the state of your bone and whether you need a graft or not. In some cases, they may require a dental CT Scan as well, but usually an x-ray showing the health of the bone below the gumline is enough.

Do You Need A Root Canal?

Especially for those of you with tight schedules, this is a concern. You don't want to arrive for a dental implant in Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya or in any other locations where renuval partners and find out that your process is delayed by days (up to a week, sometimes) because you needed a root canal first. So, be sure to get us as much info as possible before you come allowing us to work with our partners to ensure we've ironed out every wrinkle we can before you get on that plane.

What Else?

There's plenty more to know and we cover some of it in the podcast - here it is again if you want to listen:

The rest, just ask us and we'll be happy to help. Our free service assists you from now until forever, so Book Direct with renuval, cut out the made-up fees or deposits and get lifetime support before, during and after your trip. Get in touch now -

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Thanks for listening and make the good one!