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How Much For Breast Implants In April 2018?

Published: April 9, 2018

Why do a monthly Breast Augmentation Price Index for Thailand?

While plastic surgery represents a tiny amount of the overall medical care people travel to Thailand for, it is among the most misunderstood in spite of being among the most clear.

So, given our reach throughout Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and all over Thailand for breast surgery, we put together a list of our most popular, well-known surgeons for breast augmentation along with their actual, Book Direct prices for basic breast augmentation - when you’re ready, just email us at or fill out your evaluation.

Keep in mind, you pay them direct at their list prices. renuval doesn’t touch your money and we never charge fees, deposits or any of that nonsense. Why pay someone else to do something we’ll do for free, right?

Just click the image to see renuval’s entire Thailand Breast Augmentation Price Index for April 2018:

Maybe you’re looking to book a breast augmentation with Dr. Boonchai in Bangkok for 130,000 THB - his price from his price list (we have the proof to back this up, because we just got his updated price list directly from him a couple of weeks ago).

Or you might be interested in booking Phuket and seeing all the PPSI options like Dr. Jib, Dr. Poonsak, Dr. Witoon. Dr. Sanguan and the others who are down in Phuket at 115,000 THB (also their list price, something we can prove). What about Dr. Narupon at 99,000 THB in Bangkok? Or even our mystery surgeon at 87,000 THB?

The renuval Thailand Breast Augmentation Breast Price Index doesn’t list every surgeon in Thailand, of course, but it’s a wide listing of some very popular, very good and very well-known plastic surgeons who you can Book Direct with renuval at list prices.

When you’re ready with questions, or want a recommendation or a booking, email us at or fill out your evaluation or find us on facebook or Instagram or Twitter or wherever you want - maybe even AOL, who knows (probably not)?

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