Dr. Poonpissamai Suwajo

Professor, Mother & Skilled Plastic Surgeon

  • Board Certified
  • Doctor For 17 Years
  • Female Plastic Surgeon
  • Complex Face & Breast
  • Lipo, SRS & Much More

Oh, You Haven't Heard Of Her?

We get this sometimes. Many of our clients know the PPSI surgeons from years of marketing in places like Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia. In recent years, Bangkok's surgeons have grown more and more famous internationally as marketing of surgeons here in Bangkok has increased.

That's the thing about Dr. Poonpissamai - she doesn't like to market herself. She probably doesn't even like us marketing her! We do it anyway, though, because we really like her, we know how skilled she is and our clients have nothing but excellent results.

She spends much of her time as a civil servant, working at Chulalongkorn Medical School, where she performs surgery on Thai citizens - children who have craniofacial deformities and need repair, patients who need complex reconstructiver surgery after mouth cancer, everything. Much of her work is considerably more complex than the kind of work our plastic surgery clients fly here for.

Dr. Poonpissamai also teaches at Chulalongkorn Medical School, which means she doesn't have a lot of time for marketing and only takes maybe 10-15 fly-in cases a month on average.

And that's why you haven't heard of her, but don't let the marketing fool you - she's a fantastic choice and an expert at complex facial procedures, complex breast procedures, complex lipotransfer procedures, SRS and much more.

If you're interested in a free recommendation or quote from Dr. Poonpissamai, you can get started below or email us at info@renuval.com and our Client Service Team - all of whom know Dr. Poonpissamai personally now - will get back to you right away :)