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Breast Augmentation in Thailand: A To DD!

What’s to know about having Breast Implants done in Thailand? Too much to put on one web page, that’s for sure. Our staff have over a decade of experience handling over a thousand clients directly, many of whom have had their Breasts Enlarged in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Since we can’t tell you everything, let’s start with five things we think most people aren’t told, then we’ll get into detail. There’s plenty of information below on procedure types, implants, surgeons and more, but these are five things that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Choosing Your Surgeon Is Job #1: We’ll get into this below, but the biggest hoodwink around is selling you an agency brand or a holiday destination and leaving you clueless about your Breast Implantation surgeon until later in the process. The surgeon comes first with us - and they should for you, too. Cities, hospitals and palm trees don’t perform surgery. Our partner surgeons do, so get to know them and choose one - we’ll help!
  • Don’t Pay Until You’ve Met The Surgeon: People are usually asked to pay made up fees up front, before they’ve met the surgeon at the hospital, had their pre-op tests and gotten a final Breast Augmentation recommendation - before they really know what they’re getting into. You know who doesn’t ever ask you to pay anything until you’ve had your final consult with the surgeon? Our Care Partners, our partner surgeons and us.
  • You Can & Should Get A Second Opinion: All - ALL - of our partner surgeons very responsibly recommend getting more than one opinion, which is why we offer to get you a second or even third opinion. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing has convinced people that buying a breast augmentation is as simple as buying a combo meal. It sure isn’t. So, get a second opinion with renuval!
  • Non-Refundable Fees & Deposits Are Nonsense: Want to send us free money you can’t get back to do our job? You can, but we don’t advise it ;) Medical holiday outfits often require “booking fees,” “deposits” and other made-up fees that don’t exist - totaling $500 to $1,000. Guess what happens if you change your mind or have to cancel your trip? Yep, you don’t get a dime back. Our Care Partner hospitals and surgeons don’t charge fees, and neither do we, so why are people paying these fees? Good question.
  • You Can’t Always Have It Your Way: We work hard to get you what you want and in almost every case we can all come to an agreement, but sometimes, for medical reasons, more or different surgery is required to achieve a positive end result. If two or three excellent surgeons tell you something you don’t want to hear, don’t keep shopping until you find one who just wants your money and will agree to anything. We see too many one-year-later revisions that happen because of this, and we do our best to make sure our clients leave long-term happy.

There’s a lot more to know, of course, and we’ll get to as much as we can below, but if you’ve got questions already then why not ask us? We’ll get right back to you :)

Work With Top Breast Surgeons In Bangkok, Phuket & Pattaya

As mentioned above, choosing a surgeon is the number one priority. The facility and procedure and other details are very important, but the person with the scalpel is the absolute top concern. He or she must be experienced and artistically skilled, but also ethical, honest and easy to deal with as a patient.

All of our partner surgeons who handle Breast Augmentations in Thailand meet the above criteria in addition to being Board Certified in Plastic Surgery - and we can prove it. They also all have fifteen, twenty or more years of experience in plastic surgery, which is what you want to see.

Who are we talking about here? You may recognize names like Dr. Theera and Dr. Chartchai in Bangkok, or Dr. Piyapas and Dr. Poonsak in Phuket, or Dr. Anuchit in Pattaya, just to list a few. We’re proud to work with these and all of our other excellent partner plastic surgeons and prouder still of the results we see for people like you.

If you know who you’d like to work with and where, get started right now…

Thailand Breast Augmentation: Before & After

We know you want to see some real results and we do our best to provide them when we can. In exchange we just ask you to keep a couple of things in mind:

The photos are often from more recent procedures, so they don’t always reflect the long-term result.
Your body and result are unique to you, just like our partner surgeon’s approach and technique will be, so think of the photos as a demonstration of skill in the approach and technique that was right for each patient and not as an example of how you will look :)

If you're ready to move forward, you can start now by telling us what you want done and where you want it done - we'll get right back to you!

Why Book Direct With renuval?

At renuval, we help you throughout your experience, from learning about procedures, our partner surgeons in Thailand and what having surgery abroad through us involves to getting your personal recommendation from a surgeon, booking your procedure, organizing travel and accommodations as well as assisting with anything else that you may need before, during and after your trip.

We know your main focus is on you and your medical options, so we don't want to bore you with a bunch of non-essential detail, but it's worth mentioning a few things.

First, we only book patients for plastic surgery under general anesthesia at fully staffed, JCI accredited international hospitals.
Second, we match you with the best surgeon for your needs, we don't just pick the next name on the list.
Third, we're in Thailand and we're Thai and foreign, so we have a unique insight into your experience and how to smooth it out.

Finally, we don't charge you anything, ever. That means no made-up "booking fees" and no hidden margins or costs. Our service is 100%, no-funny-business free and we can often beat a competitor's quote because we don't pad your bill to pad our pockets. Try us and see.

Have Your Breasts Done In Bangkok Or Phuket

Our Care Partners are the top, JCI accredited hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket for all your plastic surgery needs - and our partner surgeons are the most well-known, established and best surgeons available. The medical community in Bangkok is larger and offers a greater range of facilities, but the skilled team we work with in Phuket is very experienced and the hospital is set up to handle your needs in every way.

Do you want to know more about our Care Partners? What to do in Bangkok? Phuket? Where to stay? Ask away below!

Breast Implant Placement: What To Know

The placement of your implants will vary based on your body, your desired result and the surgeon's recommended technique, but through our network of partner surgeons all major placement techniques are available provided that you're a good candidate. Not sure which technique is which? Check out our handy diagram that explains the major placement options:

The exact placement of your implants will vary, of course. For example, dual plane placement may leave the implant more or less covered by the muscle as your body dictates. This is something you'll work out during your free virtual evaluation and in-person evaluation through renuval, though, so don't worry - or you can ask any questions you have below:

Common Breast Implant Incisions In Thailand

As with all things, the final decision on which incision point is best for you will be decided between you and our partner surgeons during consultation, but in almost all cases the surgeon will prefer inframammary or transaxillary incisions for implant insertion. That's a lot of medical speak for this:

In cases of combined procedures, such as a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, implants may be inserted via a pre-existing incision, but in almost all pure breast augmentation cases, these two areas will be the point of insertion. If you're ready to find out what the surgeon thinks, start by telling him what you want :)

What Can You Do Next?

There’s much more to know about having your Breast Augmentation through renuval’s network of Care Partners and partner surgeons and we’re happy to help with all your needs, but at this point why don’t we start the process of getting a personal recommendation from the surgeon by filling in the brief form below?

Otherwise, if you've got questions, you can feel free to call anytime at +61 8 6388 9878. We're here to help!