Dental Crowns & Caps In Thailand

International Dentists, Standards & Materials, Local Prices

  • From ฿10,000
  • Two Visits Required
  • 6-7 Days In Country
  • Imported Materials
  • JCI Accredited Facility

Dental Crowns & Caps Costs

Now, if you're here then you know what a dental crown is and what it does, so you probably are more interested in learning the specifics of having your crown done here - let's start with materials and costs. Our JCI Accredited dental Care Partner in Bangkok, and its Phuket branch use only imported, international quality materials in your crowns to ensure quality. So, for example, if you go in for an all-ceramic crown, you can choose from:

  • Lava Zirconia by 3M
  • Cercon from DeguDent
  • IPS Empress from Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Procera NobelEsthetics from Nobel Biocare

Of course they also offer porcelain fused to metal, but most clients opt for all-ceramic crowns. While there are some very minor charges for imaging and materials not included, the various baseline costs for having a crown done are:

  • Porcelain Fused To Standard Alloy: ฿10,000
  • Porcelain Fused To Palladium Alloy: ฿13,000
  • All-Ceramic eMax: ฿17,000
  • All-Ceramic Lava: ฿18,000
  • Smart Ceramic Cercon: ฿18,000
  • All-Ceramic Procera: ฿20,000

If you already like what you see here and you're ready to get a quote from our partner dentists to start the process, you can get the ball rolling by letting us know in the box below and proceeding to a brief evaluation:

Where Can We Help You Get Your Crowns?

We work exclusively with BIDC for our dental care in Thailand, because they do fantastic work at excellent prices and they stand behind it. They're also one of only two JCI Accredited Dental Centers in Asia and one of only seventeen in the entire world. For Phuket clients, we work with their branch there called Phuket Dental Signature, who also do excellent work up to the BIDC standard.


  • Bangkok International Dental Center


  • Phuket Dental Signature

If you'd like to book treatment at either of our partner facilities and receive our free help in getting all your questions answered, handling all your booking affairs and assisting you with your trip - all 100% FREE - we're ready to help.

Still, you might have questions before you're ready to begin the virtual evaluation process, and we totally understand. Just ask in the box below and we'll get right back to you!

What's It Like Getting Crowns Through Us?

About as seamless as possible, is the answer. Our job is to know the prices and options and key details, sure, but it's also to know what to watch out for and how to keep you informed about extra costs that could arise or potential trouble spots. For example, if you're having a crown, have you had trouble with infections around the tooth? You might need a root canal as well - which could extend your treatment by a couple of days. Or, if you have an infection at the gumline, did you know that can delay starting the work? We'll help you have clarity up front.

Keeping an eye out for these kinds of things is just part of our free service to you, but so is knowing how things go so we can prepare you. Here's an example of a client's crown experience to give you some idea of the process.

  • Day 1: Exam, Imaging, Choose Material, Pre The Tooth
  • Day 5: Fitting Of Crown
  • Day 6-7: Any Adjustments Needed

So it's pretty much exactly like getting a crown done back home, except the service is friendlier, it costs less and the facility is nicer. How many people can say their dentist's office is JCI Accredited? If you'd like to begin your experience, just select crowns in the box below and follow the quick and easy process - we'll do the rest!

Working With renuval

Finally, we just thought we'd talk a little about what we do for you - for FREE. See, we never charge you anything, ever. You never pay us a cent. And for the grand total of zero cost, you get:

  • FREE Personal Service During, Before & After
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  • FREE Help Arranging Transfers
  • FREE Support On All Questions & Concerns
  • FREE Help Finding & Booking Hotels
  • FREE Advice On The Best Airfares

And here are a couple of things we like to let everyone know as well:

  • NO "Booking Fees": "Booking Fees" Are Made Up - It Costs Nothing To Book
  • NO Deposits, Ever: Pay The Dental Center Directly, After You Decide, In Person
  • NO "Payment Plans": Don't Pay $3,000 Later For A $750 Procedure Now
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