Dialysis In Thailand

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  • 15+ Cities So Far
  • We Book It All
  • Online Or Offline
  • 4 or 5 Hour Sessions
  • Book One Time Only

Travel Secure With renuval Dialysis

We know exactly what you're concerned about, because we've helped others just like you - everyone from regular visitors to diplomatic clients. We understand dialysis from your point of view and we understand hospital capacity, which means you don't have to worry about explaining everything to someone new.

We've assisted people like you on trips across the country, or just to one city, including Dialysis in Bangkok, Phuket Dialysis, Dialysis in Udon Thani, Hua Hin Dialysis, Dialysis in Pattaya, Petchabun Dialysis and in 15+ cities nationwide. We know the costs, we know the availabilities and anything we don't know we can find out - even new partners in new cities, as needed.

You just send your most recent dialysis report to us along with your quarterly blood test to info@renuval.com and then let us know where all you need to go, we do the rest - including accommodating:

  • Standard Dialysis Bookings: If you don't need extra time or sessions & you maintain weight after sessions, not a problem, we can book it.
  • Extra Dialysis Sessions: Need one extra session per week? We can accommodate it and get it booked before you come.
  • Five Hour Or Overnight Dialysis: Many of our partners can accommodate lengthier sessions or even overnight (in ICU), just ask.
  • Dialysis With Bloodborne Illnesses: Quite a few of our partners also have isolated or special dialysis units in case you have HIV, hepatitis or other bloodborne diseases.
  • Online & Offline Dialysis: Most international Thailand Dialysis partners offer online or offline dialysis at your request (online is slightly more expensive).
  • Long-Term Bookings: Pending availability, and itinerary, renuval clients who book dialysis one time with renuval have booked up to 6 month spans of dialysis. We can do the same for you.
  • And Much More...

We know, you want to stay in charge and do it yourself, and we never pressure anyone, but after you try you'll see why it's easier to let our free service book direct for you. We'll handle everything. Just send your last dialysis report to us at info@renuval.com along with your quarterly blood report and itinerary and we'll book your entire trip.

If you're still wondering how it works and have questions, just email info@renuval.com or ask below:

Otherwise, to get started anytime, just let us know what you need at info@renuval.com - we're here for you and we never accept, or touch your money.

Or, if you need something else and are ready to book, get started online now: